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Crazy Controls

Crazy Controls 2.0

Crazy Controls is a funny free online arcade game where you need to guide an arrow to pick up stars.

Spaceship On The Run

Spaceship On The Run 2.0

Free online arcade games will rarely give you for free games like Spaceship on the run.

Megaman Run

Megaman Run 2.0

Megaman Run is on his final adventure.

Gods Entertainment

Gods Entertainment 2.0

The Gods were bored and they invented a game to have some fun.

Crab Attack

Crab Attack 2.0

Crab Attack is a free great game from free online arcade games.

Bunny Samurai

Bunny Samurai 1.0

In this great free online arcade game you are a Ninja Bunny.

Maze Cororo

Maze Cororo 1.0

Maze Cororo is a great free online arcade game where you will be able to test your skills and patience.

Labirintho Balls

Labirintho Balls 2.0

Labirintho Balls is a great free arcade game where you need to guide four balls through a complicated labyrinth corridors.

Captain Blackbeard

Captain Blackbeard 2.0

Captain Blackbeard lost his ship on shores of the strange island.

Ma Chicken

Ma Chicken 1.0

Your baby chicks got lost.

Cosmo The Pilot

Cosmo The Pilot 1.0

When you landed on a deserted planet you hit a hard rock and destroyed your space ship.

Bomb Finder

Bomb Finder 2.0

Bomb finder is a great classical free online arcade game. You have to cross a bomb field and collect all the black flags before those bombs go off. Bombs are on timer so every lost second is a certain death.

Hungry Python Scared Bunnies

Hungry Python Scared Bunnies 2.0

Hungry python scared bunnies is a game based on the traditional snake arcade game.

Only much more interesting. You are operating a small snake which is hunting rabbits through the maze. Each rabbit you swallow makes you grow a little.

Elf Magic

Elf Magic 1.0

In this great free online arcade game you are an elf in a Candy land. On your magical path you can collect all the sweets that are in your way: candies, chocolate and cakes.

Simpson The Beer Junkie

Simpson The Beer Junkie 1.0

Hello Homer, wanna beer? Homer The Beer Junkie is the funniest Simpson arcade game on the internet.

Just listening to that stupid voice of Homer makes the game worth playing. But there is a lot more to it!

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