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Boat Fishing

Boat Fishing 1.4.0

Make big catches and have fun!

Bricks Breaking II

Bricks Breaking II 1.3.1

Feel the excitement and break the bricks as quickly as you can!

World Capitals Quiz

World Capitals Quiz 1.4.0

Are you knowledgeable about the capitals of all countries?

Wild Wild Taxi

Wild Wild Taxi 1.5.1

Experience the thrilling sensation of incredible speed!

Multiplayer Spades

Multiplayer Spades 1.6.1

Can you predict your winning number of tricks correctly?

Amoeba's Life

Amoeba's Life 1.0.0

Consume smaller cells and avoid hazards to grow the amoeba.

Multiplayer Snowball Duel

Multiplayer Snowball Duel 1.0.0

Enjoy your favorite winter activity online, make impeccable strikes and cover your opponent with snow from head to toe!

Multiplayer Lineup Four

Multiplayer Lineup Four 1.4.0

Achieve a majestic triumph by using the fewest pieces!

Multiplayer Shut the Box

Multiplayer Shut the Box 1.0.0

Bear in mind that this is no mere luck-driven dice rolling game - it requires arithmetic skills and careful planning ahead! Your goal in Multiplayer Shut the Box is to cover the most boxes and score as few penalty points as possible.

Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe

Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe 1.5.0

Can you beat your opponent in all 10 rounds?

A Maze Race II

A Maze Race II 1.3.1

Race against the computer and grab the trophy!

Make 15

Make 15 1.3.0

Pick 3 numbers that add up to 15.

Arithmetic Game

Arithmetic Game 1.5.0

Complete the equations in the interesting arithmetic test!

Flying Kiwi

Flying Kiwi 1.5.0

Bounce the kiwi birds on the seesaw so that they can fly.

Monkey Banana

Monkey Banana 1.4.0

Climb the ladders and grab the tasty bananas!

Wizard Balls

Wizard Balls 1.5.0

Cast your magic against the bouncing balls!

Ball Control

Ball Control 1.4.0

For how long can you keep the ball in the air?

War Ship

War Ship 1.5.0

Launch the torpedoes and sink your enemy's fleet!

Multiplayer Mancala

Multiplayer Mancala 1.4.0

Can you collect all of the beautiful gems in your store?

Multiplayer Eight Ball

Multiplayer Eight Ball 1.4.0

Make smart and powerful shots to conquer your opponent!

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